A women's group coaching program to create abundance through building self-confidence, worthiness and financial literacy 

Have you ever felt overwhelmed when it comes to your finances?

You dream about a life of "One Day" where you can afford to do all of the things you love, provide more opportunity for your family and feel confident and secure about your financial position.

No matter how hard you try, there seems to be a block.

Something is holding you in your current situation, but you don’t know what it is. You feel stressed.

Is it fear? Is it lack of confidence? Is it that you don't feel you're worthy of earning more? Maybe you lack experience, so you don't feel comfortable trying something new?

Meet Sandra Joe

Financial Coach

Sandra Joe is a multi-passionate business woman, entrepreneur and podcaster! She is a former Certified Financial Planner, turned Financial Coach who is thrives on teaching women about financial independence, security and freedom. But what does that mean exactly? Sandra knows that many women struggle to feel confident with their finances, because they have not been exposed to proper education around money, negotiation and most importantly, their self-worth behind their earning potential.

She works with Women & Couples to increase their financial literacy, remove their limiting beliefs and fears, and increase the dollars in their bank account through comprehensive financial coaching. Sandra is born in raised in Vancouver, Canada and is the host of the Make that Money Hunni podcast, so be sure to check her out on instagram @makethatmoney.hunni or visit her website at

What you get

12-Week Program



Online Course Videos

Each week for 12-weeks, you will get access to a new training video, workbooks and calculators through course platform Kajabi

Live Training Calls

There are weekly coaching calls where you get to ask questions, connect with your peers, support each other in your transformation, and receive training from Sandra.

Voxer & Phone Access

In between coaching calls, you may require additional support and have questions that need immediate attention. You will have access to Sandra through the Voxer walkie-talkie app, or iMessage & WhatApp

Facebook Community Page

There will be a Live Facebook group where you and your peers in group can connect, ask questions, share feedback and support each other. This network will be constantly growing, so you'll meet lots of like-minded women

It all starts with a decision.

There comes a point where your desire to make a change, will out-weigh your fear of taking action.

This is when you've had enough of the suffering. You've had enough of living month-by-month and you are READY to take your life and your finances to the next level.

You know you are capable of more. You know you deserve to live a life of freedom.


Coaching &




Financial Literacy


Desire to Change


In addition, you will also get

3 Financial Coaching Sessions

1-on-1 with Sandra (one per month), so that you can deep dive into your personal circumstances.

You will also get

Guest Speakers

Who are specialists in Mindset & Removing Limiting Beliefs, Financial Specialists and MORE! These will be in addition to your weekly Live Training Calls.

Hear what Sandra's Clients have to say


HR Manager, Vancouver


Physiotherapist, Vancouver

This client was previously on $105,000 plus $10k bonus.

This salary negotiation resulted in a 25% raise and additional $28,693 per year!


Technology Manager, Vancouver

How to Get Started

Goes Live April 1st, 2022

Before March 15th, 2022

$2,500USD in-full

After March 15th, 2022

$3,000USD in-full


3 Monthly Payments of $1,050

6 Monthly Payments of $550

9 Monthly Payments of $395